What's in the kit?

The Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

Our clinically proven Stretch Mark Prevention Essentials Kit is simply an innovation in skincare. Never before has clever clothing been used to prevent stretch marks. Our 3-step system consists of The Secret Saviours Day Gel, The Stretch Mark Prevention Band and The Night Cream.

It’s safe, comfortable, supports your bump and back, stops you from itching and we’ve saved the best til last “it really works!”.


The Stretch Mark Prevention Band

Developed with revolutionary pads printed in a unique pattern onto fabric, we call this Secret Saviours Dermal Support Technology, The Stretch Mark Prevention Band is at the core of this new innovative system.

Worn discreetly all day, whilst gravity and stretching skin are attempting to force fault line deep in the epidermis, the special pads grip the skin, preventing it from tearing.

The Day Gel

Packed with active ingredients for the maintenance of healthy skin tone and elasticity The Day Gel prepares your skin so the band can grip it more effectively. It is an essential part of the 3-step system as The Band will not be able to grip the skin without it.

The Night Cream

Formulated to restore the balance of body and mind the soothing Secret Saviours Night Cream is blended with Centella Asiatica leaf Extract, vitamin B5 and vitamin E to leave your skin feeling nourished at the end of every day.